Dziadzius – Andreas Metskas

Name: Andreas Metskas

Nationality: Greek

Study programme: MSc Bioentrepreneurship, KI

Role in iGEM team: Finance

Fun fact: The only thing I can think of is that I usually choose very special toppings on my pizza!

If you ever want to have a conversation that will end up in talking about the strangest topics that you've ever heard, you should talk to Andreas! He is one fun guy, and you will never be disappointed in a conversation. His biggest accomplishment within iGEM would be to get in contact with the Swedish king to get some funding, which we hope he will succeed with! He actually went to the castle once, but it ended up in sightseeing!

Andreas reaches for the stars, and if he could, he would travel in subatomic cosmos; "Just to have a closer look of the world"! He is a real thinker (when Rodin made his famous sculpture, I know who he got the inspiration from!), and he talks a lot about what he's thinking of. He thinks that it results in too much talking, but we don't mind – we're having a fun time!

I am very indecisive, especially when it comes to picking food at the restaurant. I guess that it would be very hard for me and Andreas to eat together since he thinks a lot and get pretty indecisive as well! It would be the easiest to go to a pub and eat nuts and drink beer, which Andreas never thinks can go wrong! But we shouldn't think too much about which beer or what kind of nuts, then we could stand there and talk forever about what options we could choose!

Andreas has always wanted to go to Boston to visit MIT, and when he learned about iGEM he thought it would be a splendid opportunity to be able to go there! But also, to polish his research and entrepreneurial sides. Studying bioentrepreneurship, he brings a lot to the table! Now, we're just hoping that the Swedish king will read this and know that Andreas is up for grabbing a beer, whenever he's available!

Thanks for being a part of this year’s iGEM Stockholm team, Dziadzius!

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