Queen B - Blanca Campana Lopez

Name: Blanca Campana Lopez

Nationality: Spanish

Study programme: MSc Bioentrepreneurship, KI

Role in iGEM team: Finance

Fun fact: I love to dance and learned flamenco when I was a child!

Another addition to our global family is Blanca. She’s also a real traveler and likes to explore the world! Coming from Spain (and not any place in Spain, she’s from Ibiza!), she really knows how to party! She’s a real night owl, and I think that fits well with the finance team, working until late night on budgets and sponsorships. Studying bioentrepreneurship, she knows her stuff when it comes to business ideas and finding potential sponsors!

Blanca is a perfect mix of dreamer an implementer. On one hand, she’s an eagle – wanting to travel the world and see different cultures and people, and on the other a sloth – “because I love sleeping and I always find it difficult to get out of my bed!” She particularly would like to go to Africa, to experience the unique cultures in the African savanna.

But what does she enjoy doing in her free time (when that not very frequent event takes place)? Blanca has a serious love for TV series and snacking whilst watching. But don’t you ever spoil anything for her or serve her olives, because that’s two of the worst things that she knows! People that spoil series lack empathy (like seriously, 100%), which is one of the qualities of a person that she values the most; “I always try to put myself in others’ shoes”. That is a great quality of yours, Blanca! She's a real dancing queen, and knows how to dance flamenco, which fits her personality spot on, she's a real sassy girl – swirl queen!

The reason to why she applied to become a member of iGEM Stockholm was that she loves the diversity of the Stockholm teams, and the challenge of coming up with a cool project idea. Blanca likes to be challenged, and we’re happy that she chose to be a part of our group!

Thanks for being a part of this year’s iGEM Stockhom team, Queen B!

Rain Snow
Late nights Early mornings
Human cell lines Bacterial cell lines
Cozy night in Crazy night out