On fleek – Darko Mitrovic

Name: Darko Mitrovic

Nationality: Swedish/Serbian

Study programme: Biotechnology, KTH

Role in iGEM team: Drylab research

Fun fact: I'm a student but I don't drink alcohol!

After being a part of the iGEM team – I’ve added three bookmarks on my Chrome; one is the slack page, one is the iGEM home page, and the third one is Urban dictionary. Why you may wonder? Thanks to Darko! Half of the things that Darko says I have no clue of what it means – but Urban dictionary has got it covered! He is not only an enzyme and modeling master – he will teach you a whole new language (using slang words).

If there’s someone that I go to for advice on ideas – it’s Darko. He’s straight to the point, and he’s not a person that would hesitate to give you an answer. Although, as he himself puts it “I have an unhealthy amount of skepticism”. He’s the team’s Devil’s advocate in a way, but it is vital to have one in each iGEM team – it keeps you on track, makes you more focused towards a common goal and also more successful!

Of all the things that he doesn't like, working late is one of the worst things he knows. In a group full of night owls, it's going to be interesting to see how we're going to pull this off! But we could lure him with pasta Frutti di mare, which is his favorite dish! I could try to veganize it for you – but since skepticism is your thing, I think I’m going to pass!

Darko has his eyes on Boston, and he joined iGEM – because, well, iGEM is iGEM! And because iGEM’s got pazzaz, whatever that means...!

Thank you for being a part of this year’s iGEM Stockholm team, on fleek!

Rain Snow
Late nights Early mornings
Human cell lines Bacterial cell lines
Cozy night in Crazy night out