Happy Gouda - Els Alsema

Name: Els Alsema

Nationality: Dutch

Study programme: MSc Biomedicine, KI

Role in iGEM team: Wetlab research

Fun fact: She’s totally a savory type of gal, but she can’t say no to baked cakes! She had to put up a rule for her roomies not to bake more than twice per week because she ate too much of it!

I thought that I was the most indecisive person walking on planet Earth – but that was until the day I met Els! Els has a really hard time making up her mind about anything, but we in the iGEM team are here to help you with that!

But if there's something that she's made up her mind about, it's that she would like to visit Antarctica to meet Emperor penguins in person! They are super cool and majestic, but not as cute and lovely as the Indri Lemurs which she fell in love with after watching Planet Earth 2.

I am starting to suspect that Els is a vampire, not the kind of vampire that sleeps in a coffin, but like a Twilight vampire (that doesn't glow in the dark), because I have noo idea when she sleeps! She's always the first one up in the mornings, and she's also one of the people last to go to bed. Where does she sleep? Does she even sleep? Maybe the answer is just simply that she's a student – I think you understand what I mean! She does eat though (not blood, so you can relax!), and her absolute favorite is cheese. She’s actually a typical Dutch person, she eats cheese every day! She says that that’s the reason for why she would never be able to become vegan. I agree with you Els, vegan cheese is not the same, but I’ll have you try some!

Els wanted to join the iGEM team to learn more and get experience in a new field of biology, and to solve a real-world problem! Of course, together with a kick ass team! IGEM is not the only team that she has, she also loves rowing, a true team sport! She learned how to row after she started her bachelor's in Cambridge. You can stick to rowing, and I will cheer from the punting boat, with my Pimm's cup in my hand! Go Els!

Thanks for being a part of this year's iGEM Stockholm team, Happy Gouda!

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