Dr. Game – João Ramos

Name: João (JR) Ramos

Nationality: Portuguese

Study programme: PhD in Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance

Role in iGEM team: Finance and Media team with focus on wiki

Fun fact: I once got lost in the woods and found my way back (kind of) by following the sun to orient myself. Not such an impressive survival skill, but I think I was 9 or 10 at the time!

Meet JR – the iGEM Stockholm team member that has the hardest name to pronounce! I really thought that mine was harder, but oh boy was a wrong (although I think that I have gotten the hang of it, I'll show you the next time we meet!).

JR is very international – being Portuguese, also having Swedish relatives. He learned to speak Swedish very quickly! He loves exploring, and his dream travel destination would be Mars - "since it's the next frontier of human exploration and development". But eventually he would want to come back to planet Earth to eat his fave Mexican food.... if he didn't bring it to Mars already!

He is always involved in a project, and he is now pursuing a PhD in Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. He already finished the medical program back in Portugal. But even though he's doing so much, he always keeping it cool. You'll most probably see him wearing his sunglasses, talking to someone about stuff that makes him excited. He's a super enthusiastic person, and he always sees potential in things. If JR is hyped for a project – you're game!

JR wanted to be a part of the iGEM team to get out of his comfort zone by working in a field that he is not very familiar with. He thinks that collaborating with like-minded people towards a common goal is great, and we couldn't agree more!

Thanks for being a part of this year's iGEM Stockholm team, Dr. Game!

Rain Snow
Late nights Early mornings
Human cell lines Bacterial cell lines
Cozy night in Crazy night out