Rainbow Star - Josephine Berg

Name: Josephine Berg

Nationality: Finnish

Study programme: Chemical Engineering, KTH

Role in iGEM team: A bit of everything, but mostly finance and human practices

Fun fact: She has loved horses since she was 7 years old! She’s also very clumsy (which we haven’t noticed yet, or?)

If there’s someone that knows what’s up, it’s Josephine. She is always present at meetings, and always goes the extra mile to help the team move forward. She has the little extra, and she’s always super positive! She’s just like the super star in Super Mario and gives energy to us other team members – making us invincible. She’s like a rainbow bubbly with happiness and enthusiasm, feelings that she really values!

What makes her heart skip an extra beat is chocolate, which I think is closely accompanied by liquorice (UUUGHHH). If there is something that would make me and Josephine arch enemies, it is indeed her love and my hate towards liquorice – but let’s not focus on the negative sides of life, I know that Josephine doesn’t have time for that!

Josephine is one of the few team members that enjoy early mornings (but she’s also one of the few that stays up longer when partying – you party animal!). She loves waking up early in the morning at Kökar, a small island in the Åland archipelago, where she has a lot of childhood memories. I think it’s about time we plan an iGEM trip there, so we also can experience this lovely place!

It was Josephine’s interest in biology that led her to the path of studying chemical engineering. She felt that she wanted to explore more about biology, and also meet amazing people, which is the reason for why she applied to become a part of the iGEM Stockholm family.

Thank you for being a part of this year’s iGEM Stockholm team, Rainbow star!

Rain Snow
Late nights Early mornings
Human cell lines Bacterial cell lines
Cozy night in Crazy night out