Bombadil – Martin Axegård

Name: Martin Axegård

Nationality: Swedish/American

Study programme: Medicine KI (year 2), Biotechnology KTH (year 4)

Role in iGEM team: Drylab research

Fun fact: I got a very deep voice and I can make sounds below those of the piano. If my science aspirations crash and burn, maybe I'll pick up a career in opera!

Martinus Axegardius is a very rare subspecies of the Hominidae family. His natural habitats lie in the depths of different public library archives. Martin loves nature and spent a lot of time in the forest when he was young, mushroom picking with his mother. They always brought two baskets along “one for all the edibles, and one for all the colorful, odd looking unknowns. Then we'd bring them home to key them out. I still have the logbooks of all our finds, dating back to when I was 5”. Nowadays he’s always bringing a paper bag in his pocket ready for picking mushrooms, if he finds one when he’s out having a walk.

Being interested in both history of science and nature & wildlife, maybe it’s not weird that his dream destination is the Galapagos islands where giant tortoises can be found. It is also the place where Darwin studied his precious finches! But studying both medicine and biotechnology and on top of that doing iGEM takes a lot of time, so that trip to the Galapagos islands will have to wait.

Martin is a very thoughtful person and he has the ability to make you feel safe. He’s always trying to see how he can support people around him, and he thinks it is important to share what’s on your mind. He is very rational and is always using logic to find answers to questions. In his company, you will definitely learn a lot!

Singing is a very big part of Martin’s life, and he is singing in the same choir as Tweety! He has been singing for the past 5 years in the Kong. Teknologkören at KTH, and entertain our team together with Tweety with their beautiful voices.

Martin wanted to join iGEM for a refresher on how to engineer life. Craig Venter who created the synthetic organism Mycoplasma laboratorium was a big inspiration for him, and he was probably the reason why he went into biotechnology. He also wanted to meet like minded people!

Thanks for being a part of this year’s iGEM Stockholm team, Bombadil!

Rain Snow
Late nights Early mornings
Human cell lines Bacterial cell lines
Cozy night in Crazy night out