Sunny Side Up – Nuha Salem

Name: Nuha Salem

Nationality: Palestinian, born and raised in UAE

Study programme: Industrial & environmental biotechnology, KTH

Role in iGEM team: Team leader

Fun fact: She loves outdoor activities, and she is super entrepreneurial!

Meet one of our team leaders – Nuha!

Nuha is a real optimist, and you will rarely see her moody. Not even the harsh Swedish weather can make her sad (but trust me – she has complained, but she always keeps her warm spirit up!). She loves spending time outside, especially when there’s basketball and volleyball included. However she does occasionally spend time indoors, mostly for classes and meetings sitting in front of her computer. The worst thing she knows is when the computer freezes! Let’s hope that doesn’t happen when we’re writing on the Wiki shall we!

I don’t know if optimistic and being a believer are interchangeable, but nevertheless she’s both. She really believes in each and one of us, and she’s always pushing us in the right direction! Being a super pessimist worrying about everything, she’s made me more of an optimist and also more relaxed.

Being passionate about many things, religious studies is something she puts a lot of time into, and she’s a practicing Muslim. Her dream destination would be to travel to Gaza and meet up with her relatives that she has been unable to meet due to the situation there. It’s a pity really that it is this way, but she still keeps her spirits up!

Nuha thinks that iGEM is a unique learning opportunity, where science and innovation is combined with business, finance and marketing. The results can be astonishing, and she would like to develop a business idea out of the future project. Therefore, she applied to become one of the team leaders. She’s quite the entrepreneur, I must say!

Thanks for being a part of this year’s iGEM Stockholm team, sunny side up!

Rain Snow
Late nights Early mornings
Human cell lines Bacterial cell lines
Cozy night in Crazy night out