Our journey begins here: first post!

Puck Norell

29th April 2018

Happy to see that you have stumbled across our blog! This serves as a platform for us to show you more about us and people in the global community. We wish to bridge together people with different beliefs, occupations and backgrounds with science and to get a view of how science is integrated in the society today. We think it is of outermost importance that we have transparency in our work, because we are only the mediators. It is the people who tell us their needs, and we implement it through creating an end product with the help of synthetic biology.

But what people do we want to get an input from? We want to hear from all of you. Regardless of gender, sex, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnicity or age group. Our world is heating up. Not only because of global warming, but also due to people being fed up with inequalities that are apparent in different areas. We want to work for equality in research, and to work in line with Swedish beliefs that society can become equal. But in order to being able to represent the world, we need to hear your story. Help us on the path of trying to make scientific research a more open place for everyone!