In the NiC(k) of time

Puck Norell

12th June 2018

Waking up 04.00 in the morning isn’t one of my favorite things, but knowing that I had a fun weekend in front of me made me feel energized enough to get out of bed. My mood also changed drastically after two cups of coffee and meeting the others taking the early train! Ahead of us, we had a 4-hour train ride that was going to take us to Lund and the Nordic iGEM Conference - NiC, this year organized by the lovely iGEM Lund team. The conference is a great way of strengthening the ties between the Nordic iGEM teams. It prepares you for the final jamboree in Boston through letting you present a poster and practice your presentation skills, and you have loads of fun!

iGEM Stockholm versus the war table: 1-0, we actually managed to fit

Lund was blessing us with sunny weather (that soon started feeling like the flames from a furnace), loads of dank memes, great breakfast at the hotel and a dear reunion with some of the friends we made during the DTU Biobrick tutorial, as well as new friendships. The Saturday ended with a gala dinner where the team’s two favorite songbirds were performing a Swedish classic together with the judge Olle Bergman on guitar. We were happy to witness Copenhagen getting the prize in the best project – both from us as well as from the judges!

Waking up on Saturday morning after having slept 4 hours was not the best decision that me and the 5 AM crew (you know who you are) ever made. But, after slithering down to the breakfast to get morning coffee, we all felt much better and ready to face the last day of the conference. I think that we all felt exhausted, yet warm in heart.

When the whole team suited up for the gala dinner!

As usual, SJ was having difficulties and we arrived to Stockholm Central in a packed train with a significant depletion of oxygen and energy. I think I speak for all of us saying that it was a great experience, and that we are forever grateful that Albert and the rest of iGEM Lund organized this event and made it such an experience. Also a big shoutout to NiColai the dork(a) for blessing us with many laughs during the time being in Lund!