Anything can be solved with an After-Work!

Puck Norell

18th June 2018

Welcome sleepless nights and anxiety that you've forgotten to add the primers to your PCR reaction!

Last week was our first week in the lab, and you could really feel it. We all entered our beloved premises for the summer with the will to learn and do some science, and you could see that we all felt ready to take on the task. Our sciency brains would finally be able to work again!

We had already been through two lab walkthroughs to learn all the “do’s and don'ts” (like, don’t eat or drink in the lab) and where we can get extra materials and help, and we felt more prepared than ever. The future of water without antibiotics was on our shoulders…

... but, after autoclaving the plates “that were not supposed to be for autoclaving”, and forgetting to add all the stuff to the restriction digest reaction (on top of that a serious lack of coffee) we all needed to get together for some amazing sushi and beers in the city. If you are struggling to find a good sushi place around in Stockholm - no more! Go to ESA at St Eriksplan. They have the best sushi for great prices! (no this is not a sponsored blog post - but if you do want to give us free sushi, don’t hesitate to contact me!)

Sushi at ESA sushi in St. Eriksplan

Just because it’s not going the best in the lab all the time, it doesn’t mean that you are stupid or bad at it. It is just how science is really! It is better knowing what you did wrong, than not knowing why it is working. I think this is important to think about when you are sitting there in the lab, trying to troubleshoot your protocols and workflows.

In the end, I’d say the first week was pretty successful. We learned how you autoclave plates, how you make beautiful art from molten plates, that you should order the bento box (since you get much more food for a lower price) and that a good night's sleep is underrated.

Remember to stay hydrated but don't bring food or drinks to the lab!