Potato Twister – Puck Norell

Name: Puck Norell

Nationality: Swedish

Study programme: Working as a consultant at a pharmaceutical company, has a bachelors in biomedicine from KI

Role in iGEM team: Wetlab research, part-time Human Practices team

Fun fact: I have dyed my hair in all imaginable colors! My favorite was pink until I colored it carrot color. I just loved being a carrot I guess!

Meet the potato that has been writing these profiles - Puck!

Puck is the person you should have as your ICE, because she is always on her phone (except on her work phone which she always fail to answer..), which is great if you want to rant about something, or just hear her goofy laugh!

If you want some peace and quiet, Puck is definitely not the person you should sit with. She's tried to be calm, but it just doesn't work! She's always doing 1000 things at the same time and also super lost and forgetful, but she always finish things when she's supposed to. She hates procrastination, mainly because she has such a bad memory. She's scared that she'll forget to do things if she doesn't do them now now now and not later. She once owned a calendar, but after losing it after 2 days she came to the conclusion that she doesn't need one.

Look up the word Puck in the dictionary, and you'll see that the definition is organised chaos, with a dash of insanity, topped with some stress and phrases like "omg I can't handle this right now" or "omg [insert type of food] is life". Puck doesn't contain 60% water but coffee (the air that she breathes has to contain the aromas of coffee as well, otherwise she'll suffocate), and in order to survive she has to eat sushi at least 4 times a month. She is super impulsive, which can result in new hair colors or adventures!Her biggest dream would be to go to New Zealand and Hobbiton, she's a Lord of the Rings fanatic!

Puck joined iGEM Stockholm because she loves being involved in different organisations, boards and committees. She thought that iGEM would be the best one for her since she misses doing research, and wanted to meet young and intelligent people in her own age. It felt like it was now or never, so she took the decision to jump on this opportunity!

Thanks for being a part of this year’s iGEM Stockholm team, Potato Twister!

Rain Snow
Late nights Early mornings
Human cell lines Bacterial cell lines
Cozy night in Crazy night out