Chessur - Victoria Chu

Name: Victoria Si Ying Chu

Nationality: Swedish

Study programme: Chemical engineering, KTH

Role in iGEM team: Media

Fun fact: I love snacking! I have SLE which is a rare autoimmune disease, maybe not a fun fact but it’s a big part of my life

I am truly happy to have met someone that shares my passion for food as much as Victoria does. Her absolute favorite that she could eat at all time is homemade korvstroganoff (kind of like a sausage stew)! She likes home cooked food and the comforts of home. In that sense, she’s a bit like a house cat, but Victoria imagines that if she was to be transformed into an animal, she would become a small rodent. Maybe that is true, since she is more of a night than a morning person and loves going out!

Although she likes home sweet home, she doesn't spend that much time there. Her passion for traveling and exploring the world is big but most of all she would like to travel beyond our solar system - "because how cool wouldn't that be!?" Victoria is one of the most enthusiastic people that I've met, and she’s always having a big smile on her face! She is like the illuminator that Dumbledore gave Ron in the Deathly hallows, she can bring light to people, but also absorbs it!

Victoria wanted to join iGEM because it would be super cool to make genetically modified organisms with you own two hands. "Who'd say no to that? But it's also because she’s always had an interest in science communication and scientific illustration and been wondering what kind of stuff she’s missing out on by choosing chemistry instead of biology. Well, you won’t be missing out on anything now, that’s for sure!

Thanks for being a part of this year’s iGEM Stockholm team, Chessur!

Rain Snow
Late nights Early mornings
Human cell lines Bacterial cell lines
Cozy night in Crazy night out